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We all have a life outside of work. Trust us, we get it: family, health and hobbies are just a few of the things that compete with work for our attention on a daily basis. So, we encourage our people to pursue the things they love and take care of their commitments. A career should complement your life, not overwhelm it.

And yes, we’ll admit it, when people have time for their families and passions, they’re more productive and engaged at work. Your balanced life is a win-win for all of us, which is why we take work-life balance seriously.

Training & Development

Imagine a world without nail guns or 3D modelling. Just like how technology advances, our people advance too. Training and development is crucial to the success of you, the company, and the impact our work has on the world.

Everyone evolves, all the time, which is why every single person at True is on a development path. We work with people who look up and forward.

Surprise Yourself

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and an appetite to make something happen. Work as a part of a high functioning team. Be recognized for your growth mindset and spirit. Thrive on challenges. Continually seek learning opportunities and push boundaries.

Ideas & Ingenuity

We’re looking for people that bring new ideas and creativity to their work. Individuals with non-conventional thought patterns and an appetite for doing things differently. We thrive on inventive thinking and have a track record of doing unusually impressive things as a result. Are you a change agent?

Teamwork. Not Groupthink

Groupthink discourages creativity or individual responsibility, so we don’t do it. Instead, we give people autonomy to make their own decisions and empower them to work in teams to get it done. If you’re looking for a place to be an individual and get shit done…welcome.

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Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Being yourself promotes feelings of trust, understanding, and connection in others, which leads to greater happiness at work.

Oscar Wilde

Poet & Playwrite

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Change & Grow

All of us humans are on a journey and we have a lot to learn from each other. We’re creating a company and culture where people can grow and develop as individuals and as professionals. We want everyone that leaves us to be in a far better position than when they joined.

Be all in

We’re committed to each other. We’re committed to our work. We’re committed to developing careers and reaching our potential. If you share a similar commitment to yourself and others then you’d love it at True. We’re looking for real people who want a real job.

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