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Author Brad Hedblom
Published Aug 15 2023
Last Updated Apr 10 2024

Reflecting on a Year at True.

It’s been a year since we became True Mechanical, and I am inspired that our vision to impact our industry through purpose and meaning is underway and beginning to thrive. Every day, our team of brilliant individuals resolves our most fundamental tensions of risk, complexity, communication, and convention. Through our processes and technology, we create a more predictable, agile and, more importantly, trusting environment to drive success for our clients and our team.

As we merged and evolved, we aimed to create a stronger connection between our HVAC and plumbing teams. That ongoing connection enabled us to grow our workforce significantly over the last year, providing more opportunities for everyone in the company and attracting more clients.

Being True to ourselves

We had an ambition to be real about our abilities and to develop and complement these with training and platforms for consistency and process implementation. It takes some strong shoulders to be real about the things we are not great at, and it takes real collaborative and honest discussion to set down a path to be better. When we admit we need help, the number of hands that volunteer to make it happen is amazing. This has been one of the best endeavours of the year: listening to the staff, taking it on the chin about how we can improve, and having a committed team willing to dive in to make us better.

This last year taught me that our team knows how to pivot and adapt. I think more than any other year, we have seen internal team training and development blow up, along with more brilliant individuals joining the True team. Having new ideas and skill sets impacting our way of thinking means you have to innovate and improve solutions and processes to keep up with the new pace. Every business sector has adjusted and has seen great results for it. I believed that our culture created avenues for growth before defining this as a core value, but defining brilliance as such a key value has enabled so much more than I could have imagined. We tell our staff from day one to be brilliant. It’s just the nudge they need to open up to how good they can be.

Doing what’s right

What really hit home for me, and I’ll wrap up with this, is the impact honesty has on everything. I tell people this quirky story that it was this opportunity in the construction industry 20 years ago that allowed me to reinvent, for myself, what it meant to be truthful. And more importantly, how do you live it? By doing what you believe to be the right thing without your ego getting in the way. Life outside of the realms of work is a complicated place, I found. Here at work, outside of our troubles, we can easily choose to do the right thing because there is no reason not to. It was by complete accident, and in fact, the last leg of the rebrand work, that led us to the name True Mechanical. It couldn’t have suited the intent of our company any better. I am so proud of what everyone has achieved this year, the good and the bad. Success has become having a team that comes to work knowing truth is what connects us, that truth is what solves problems and that speaking the truth creates our ability to achieve the vision.

Go True!

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