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Author Gary Martin
Published Feb 13 2023
Last Updated Apr 14 2023

Renovate and renew your space.

Renovating commercial office space is an excellent solution for growing companies that don’t have the time or property to undergo new construction, particularly in Metro Vancouver, where land is limited and at a premium. Also, due to the pandemic and the move towards many people working remotely, large office spaces are being modified to create smaller areas to be sub-let to other companies.

This has resulted in True Mechanical being involved in HVAC and plumbing modifications to suit. Our Special Projects Group (SPG) focuses on commercial renovation projects that take a year or less to complete, including office tenant improvements, laboratories, pharmacies, universities, manufacturing plants, care homes, warehouses, and retail.

Considerations when renovating a commercial space

  1. Scheduling.
    Renovations are typically a high-paced form of construction where many trades must work in a calculated and cohesive manner. Schedules, sequencing and scope must be carefully thought out and executed. We take careful attention to ensure we don’t bury one trade by ploughing ahead with our work without consideration of theirs, and visa versa.
  2. Procedures and noise.
    Office renovations are often done when a portion of the floor(s) is occupied, as well as the rest of the building. Therefore, noisy work such as drilling for inserts, coring and cutting is almost always done during unoccupied periods to minimize noise disturbance. If, for example, we are working on a tenant improvement in an office tower where plumbing fixtures are being added, we must coordinate for access to the ceiling space of the (usually) occupied floor below for drainage.
  3. Coordination.
    Logistics must be considered when estimating a project, especially if it’s downtown, in an airport or a mall. The movement of workers, materials and equipment can be an excessive labour burner.
  4. Surprises.
    We must be flexible due to unknowns that may be exposed during a demolition/renovation. For example, a downtown Vancouver office space was discovered to have a substantial amount of asbestos in the ceiling space. The remediation process created a seven- month delay in the project.
  5. Tenant improvement guidelines.
    Building management companies have policies that must be adhered to during renovations. These include methods for parking, building access, off-loading of materials and equipment, scheduling of after-hours work, hot-work permits, approved and permitted-only contractors, and clean-up, to mention only a few.

See the full range of our mechcanical capabilities

True Mechanical’s approach to commercial renovations

We approach special projects as a team through all stages, including preplanning and design, pricing and bidding, engineering, purchasing, and finishing. Superintendents are engaged early in the process for thoughtful project organization, and together we plan the best methods for success.

Furthermore, our project managers and coordinators embrace the importance of our roles in supporting our field crews in any way needed. We understand the importance of distributing information received in the office to the field and processing questions from the field in a timely manner.

How to get started with your new or renovation commercial project

Renovating a commercial office space can be complex due to the multiple building uses and accommodations required while working within an occupied space. That’s why hiring an experienced contractor like True Mechanical is particularly important. We have the expertise and labour to fully manage intricate projects and the relationships with sub-trades who specialize in exacting specifications.

Whether you’re looking to grow or adjust your space to sub-let, we’re here to help. Reach out to our Special Projects Group for more information.

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