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Author Lee Zirk
Published Sep 29 2022
Last Updated Aug 17 2023

Commercial Plumbing is more than laying pipes and fixing drains.

We’re going back to basics here to dispel any stereotypes about plumbers right off the bat. We roll our eyes every time we see a plumber depicted on TV as the stereotypical grumpy old guy with a beer belly under a sink with his pants riding too low. Why? Because we are of all genders and ages. We’re a cheerful group that gets a kick out of solving puzzles and helping each other.

Sure, we’ll get down under a sink, but we’re also using complex tools and computers, as well as managing onsite logistics and meeting with clients, designing systems, educating newbies, and much more. You might find us holding a computer mouse or a wrench. It’s a trade and a craft that requires years of apprenticeship training, on-the-job training, technical training and exams, and we are constantly upgrading our skills to stay on top of new technology.

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What is plumbing?

The Egyptians used plumbing systems to get water to their farms, and the Romans were credited as engineers of the first modern plumbing system. It’s a rich history, and we’ve come a long way from prehistoric clay and lead pipes. Water health and safety became a fundamental human right, and plumbing codes were established to guarantee hygiene and sanitation. As such, a commercial plumber has become an integral pillar of modern-day life.
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What does a commercial plumber do?

It has nothing to do with plumbers being in commercials (although we wouldn’t mind volunteering to start dispelling some of those stereotypes if anyone is looking). In actuality, a commercial plumber is quite different from a residential plumber. They design, prefab, install and maintain plumbing systems in office buildings, large-scale commercial buildings like shopping malls, structures with industrial- or medical-grade pipes like nuclear facilities, hospitals and labs, recreational areas, condo and office towers, and more. As you can imagine, these large projects have huge and complex plumbing systems that need water, waste, and gas to flow up, down, and around safely, requiring commercial plumbers to have a vast knowledge of the right system for the right use. And then there’s the complexity of working in a building that has large volumes of people in it – massive amounts of water use, timing flows, facilities only accessible for upgrades or fixes during off hours, and more.

What makes our commercial plumbers different?

Our commercial plumbers are ticketed and seasoned professional tradespeople with wide and deep expertise in all kinds of systems in all types of buildings. Seriously, their degree of knowledge is outstanding and includes experience in specialty systems like pharmaceutical-certified welding, gas fitting optimization and more. We involve our plumbers at the beginning of any project as part of our True Constructable approach to ensure the systems we design in 3D are practical and built to code. We use state-of-the-art materials and leak-proof systems made in North America to make sure the highest quality systems are installed. We have an in-house layout training system, a prefab shop that double-tests materials – the list goes on. Read more here to get down to the nuts and bolts of what we offer.

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Okay, we get it. We’re passionate about plumbing. We love the work, our team, and the amazing projects we get to work on while consistently innovating how we provide safe water and gas. Contact us to learn how our commercial plumbing division can assist with your project. Or, you know, if you’re shooting a commercial and want to dispel some myths.

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“Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is.”

— Spencer Tracy

True Constructible

True Constructible is an in-house approach we created to streamline the coordination of building and trades. This allows us to create buildable solutions while also being effective on-site.

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