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Author Rafal Choroba
Published Oct 05 2022
Last Updated Apr 13 2023

Constructibility methodology improves project outcomes.

We are not here to slam engineers because, hey, a lot of us ARE engineers. But, we’ve noticed a real problem in the industry. Engineering is primarily based on “let’s do what we’ve always done because it worked,” and there’s a habit of applying previously used principles. That line of thinking was great in the old days when innovation wasn’t required. But we’re in a different world now, where the past decade of technological advances outweighs what’s been done throughout all of human history. New technologies, materials, codes, legislations, customer demands, market fluctuations and more are changing daily.

Constructibility at Work

The old way of doing things

And it’s not just traditional thinking that’s the problem. The conventional Design-Bid-Build process results in dreaded change orders, delays, shortages, finger-pointing, and budget overruns – it’s an exercise in frustration and delays. And yet companies continue to do it because “that’s what we’ve always done.” Combine the old way of thinking with the old way of doing, and we’re talking about a recipe for frustration and delays. The old mantra “let’s just do what we’ve always done” doesn’t work anymore. We’re in the 21st century, folks, and it’s a fast-paced world with no place for the old way of being. It’s time for Constructibility Methodology.
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Constructibility Methodology

True Constructible is our proprietary in-house approach to improving a project’s performance and predictability. Drawing on decades of experience and materials knowledge in various asset classes, we rely on everyone to help solve the solution by utilizing their knowledge and experiences. Nothing is ever one person’s problem. We’re collaborative like that.

Constructibility HVAC

How does True Constructible work?

We don’t just look at what’s been done. Instead, we ask what the outcomes are and give clients a roadmap that considers all conditions. Specifically, we: 1, Conduct a Q&A discovery to determine the project objectives and invite an array of team members with breadth and depth in experience and knowledge to provide input. 2. Assess whether those outcomes align with the approach that’s been taken and what’s been done to date. 3. Consider realities that can impact outcomes such as environment, economics, market conditions for rental and sale, and more. 4. Provide a roadmap including approaches, material and product suggestions that make sense for market realities. Learn about True Constructibility here.

True Constructable outcomes

Our roadmap includes win-win solutions where we anticipate obstacles, solve potential problems, and streamline efficiencies to save time and money. We also collaborate with all partners involved in the project to ensure everyone is on the same page and communicating from beginning to end to prevent design errors, building delays and budget overruns. As a result, along with clients recognizing improvements in costs, scheduling, quality, safety and environmental impact, they also realize a building that meets or exceeds traditional reliability, maintenance and operational requirements. To sum it up, we know what’s current and what works in today’s reality. The sooner your mechanical team is brought to the table, the more constructible your building is and the more economical and reliable it will be. Whether you’re looking for someone to start your project off on the right foot or need to rescue a project from chaos, True Mechanical can help.

Getting started

If we’re brought in early enough, ideally at the Design-Assist/Design-Build phase, we apply constructibility using our True Constructible approach. If we’re brought in later, we can come in to remediate using our convergent/divergent thinking process, where we use both creativity and logic to get the project back on track.

To learn more about how to complete your projects on time while saving money, contact us today.

“We pride ourselves on implementing solutions that work to meet our client’s objectives and we do this based on our knowledge and expertise with a philosophy of fairness and integrity.”

— Brad Hedblom

True Constructible

True Constructible is an in-house approach we created to streamline the coordination of building and trades. This allows us to create buildable solutions while also being effective on-site.

What is Constructibility?