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Author Brad Hedblom
Published Oct 10 2022
Last Updated Jul 15 2024

One foot in the past and another in the future.

We are incredibly proud of the heritage we gained through Omega Mechanical and Broadway HVAC. Here at True Mechanical, how we understand ourselves, and each other, has been informed by the words and actions of those who came before us. It’s a vital piece of our identity today, and a vital ingredient of our future. In both businesses, people worked hard to create human and commercial value for the clients and employees. So when it came to putting those companies together, we were faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding a name that captured the pedigree and character, dating back as far as 60 years. We also wanted a name that our clients, employees and suppliers could relate to. It needed to speak to how we work together now and where we’re moving to in the future.


How hard can it be?

If you’ve ever done it yourself, you’ll know that naming can be a terrifying experience. Whether you’re naming a baby, a boat, a business or a band (sadly, my first band was called The Alien Daffodils), the level of introspection, second-guessing, and self-doubt is off the charts. What started out seeming easy and fun often turns frustrating, especially when you factor in trademarking and the opinions of stakeholders.

It’s worth noting that we considered 72 names. Some front runners were Method, Make, Grip, Factor, GoodCraft and Mechanical One. The process of arriving at the right name was a combination of art and science, and we feel that we landed somewhere really good.



How is name alchemy created?

Names work well when they reflect the character of the company, are easy to remember, easy to say and spell, have positive connotations, and line up with something the company does at the material level. Here’s how our new name was born:

Our brand strategist spoke to employees from all aspects of the business and mapped their feedback into four themes, which were:

  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • High Performance
  • Collaboration.


We then spoke to clients and researched competitors and market trends to see what the buying side had to say. Interestingly, there was a good alignment between the four themes. So, we created the brand idea around solving complexity and delivering on promises. Then we started generating name ideas (and taglines) that spoke to that position. This is when ‘Make it Happen’ emerged. The name ‘True’ stood out because it speaks to:

  • Doing things the right way. We want to continue building on our legacy of integrity.
  • Installations that line up. We want our work products to be high fidelity and for them to be plumb.
  • Finding the correct solution. We want the truth behind the problems so we can create fuller solutions.


Grateful and looking forward.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the best employees and clients in the business. We’re looking forward to growing together and staying True to our promises. Let’s Make it Happen together.

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“Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is.”

— Spencer Tracy

True Constructible

True Constructible is an in-house approach we created to streamline the coordination of building and trades. This allows us to create buildable solutions while also being effective on-site.

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