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Author Brad Hedblom
Published Jan 24 2023
Last Updated Jan 02 2024

Celebrating an incredible 2022.

With the launch of our new brand, new relationships with clients and partners and the growth of our team, we’re celebrating an incredible 2022. It was a truly excellent year for the True Mechanical team.

The launch of our new brand

What was so special about the rebranding from Omega to True is that we did not have to identify any differently from a company culture perspective. We were simply able to better represent ourselves graphically and put a brand concept around our already established culture. We discovered in the branding process that our goals and how we wanted to represent ourselves was mirrored in our clients and employees in terms of who we were already.

Basically, we were on the right track, just needed to have a talented guiding hand to combine our two entities and define our ambitions, and that’s where Frank Strategy developed and crushed it.

See how we got our new name, and brand

Working with great clients and partners

Last year we further cemented our relationships with our current clients with new projects from each of our key builders. We re-established Marcon as a key client in partnership with Ledingham McAllister and gained new opportunities with Anthem Properties, Peak Construction – Senawk and Urban One – UBC Gateway.

We also had the opportunity to deliver some really unique projects like the stacked boxes of 400 West Georgia.
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Growing our culture in 2023

We introduced some new ways of working in 2022 that we will carry into 2023. Our design-build approach is applied to all projects that we are awarded. As they pass through our preconstruction team we blend the right mix of engineering and field-experienced individuals in both the 3D and 2D design formats. We are defining Constructability within True and seeing the positive effects on our projects.

The other development was in procurement where we now offer full design build services utilizing the Constructability design assist format on all projects under pursuit or contract development.

Our goal for 2023 is to successfully implement an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework in our organization starting from the CEO and building out our objectives one level at a time until the whole company is united to pursue united goals. 2023 is the year of connectivity with all of our staff in setting goals, outlining expectations and having the leadership training to ensure key staff can measure and communicate goal setting with their key reports.

Our team grew 25% in 2022 and we are expecting to grow another 30% in 2023.
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True Constructible

True Constructible is an in-house approach we created to streamline the coordination of building and trades. This allows us to create buildable solutions while also being effective on-site.

What is Constructibility?