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Author Brad Hedblom
Published Sep 29 2022
Last Updated Aug 17 2023

Constructibility Creates Predictability.

True Constructible thinking: we talk about it a lot around here, so much so that we’ll probably get t-shirts with it as a slogan. Read more about how we live and breathe constructability in project management by learning about our approach and looking at an example of a recent project we worked on.

Learn about Constructibility

Constructibility in Construction.

In a nutshell, True Constructible is the bespoke approach we use to ensure buildings and systems are buildable in the real world. We lean on our team’s broad and deep expertise at the design stage to predict problems and ideate solutions, ensuring systems are built the right way.
See Constructibility for Design Build

Our True Constructible approach

Unique challenges require unique solutions. To do this, we use a highly adaptive and agile process called TRUE CONSTRUCTIBLE. This approach brings creative solutions to new challenges to make things that work. While our True Constructible approach is propriety, we’ll let you in a few secrets: it’s a divergent and covergent thinking process (meaning a path of creative and rational thinking) where we define the problem we’re trying to solve, explore new ways of framing the problem, synthesize the information we’ve gathered, ideate possible solutions, gauge and refine the right approach, and get it done with the right people. Obviously, that’s too much to put on a t-shirt, hence the True Constructible slogan.

Example: UBC ULTL

So what does Constructibility in construction look like? University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Undergraduate Life Sciences and Teaching Laboratories (UTLTL) is the perfect example of how True Constructible thinking works (that’s a lot of acronyms, we appreciate your patience). Awarded the Vancouver Regional Construction Award of Excellence in 2020, it was a dream 3D collaboration. The entire 15,100 m2 project had to be coordinated virtually and was unique in that most of the project design had been established before mechanical involvement.

We were brought in to use our True Constructible approach to expedite the design, which required incredibly complex systems. We created numerous specialty plumbing systems (including DI/DC water and seawater) and an HVAC-R system (air, heating, cooling and lab air). We also teamed up with Thermenex and collaborated with the consultants to integrate the Thermanex system (heating, cooling, and heat reclaim system combined using a single loop). The result? Together with Thermenex and AME Group, we met design timelines and exceeded energy efficiency goals.


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If you want to talk about how we can use our True Constructible approach, want a t-shirt, or both, give us a call. We’d love to chat.

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“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.”

— Woody Williams

True Constructible

True Constructible is an in-house approach we created to streamline the coordination of building and trades. This allows us to create buildable solutions while also being effective on-site.

What is Constructibility?