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Author Rafal Choroba
Published Oct 05 2022
Last Updated Apr 14 2023

7 Benefits of Prefabricated Construction

Prefabrication isn’t a new concept. One of our favourite architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, began prefabricating homes in 1911, reducing on-site labour costs and making homes more affordable. So while we’re not prefabbing homes, we are prefabbing the systems that go inside buildings using the same concept, allowing us to control costs and timelines, avoid supply issues, reduce waste, and exercise quality control all in a controlled environment.

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What’s our prefabrication process?

First, we design the mechanical systems in 3D to make sure the system is buildable in real life and address any design issues before the ground is even broken. Then, we fabricate and test those parts and systems in our prefabrication shop. We have a variety of checks and balances in place to ensure quality, including a two-check process where we test systems in isolation and in situ for leaks. We also use MSuite software to create spools, which we tag and package to make it easier for on-site construction. Finally, we deliver and install them on site. Our end-to-end process ensures a high-quality product that fits accurately and saves on build time. Furthermore, as part of our virtual design planning process, we know in advance what we need to prefabricate, when to build it and when to deliver it, ensuring the smoothest possible experience for our trade partners and clients.

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What do we prefab?

From risers to skids to ring mains and more, we prefabricate a full range of pipe systems. Bulk shower diverters, water entry systems, boiler and pump skids, gas and hydronic risers, water pre-packs, and fixture mock-ups are just some of the pipe systems we can prefabricate.


Seven benefits of Prefabricated Construction

Honestly, there are more than seven, but since seven represents wisdom and analytics, we’re partial to this number:

  • Save time – on-site construction can happen while we’re prefabbing, and assembly on-site is a breeze.
  • Budget control – we know exactly what we’re building and what materials we’re using, making estimation no longer a guessing game.
  • Quality control – products aren’t exposed to weather, and everything is tested twice to ensure it’s leakproof.
  • Less waste – computer technology ensures the maximum material is used when pipes are cut, minimizing waste.
  • Easy planning – pre-planning and 3D design ensure obstacles are tackled before anything is made.
  • Cost-effective – material costs are reduced, along with on-site labour.
  • Fast construction – items are packaged, labelled, and accompanied with a roadmap to simplify putting everything together.


Want to build something together?

If you’re in the market for quality and precise systems, our prefabricated assemblies, prepackaged spools and instructional roadmaps eliminate material delays and shortages while preventing on-site building issues and reducing installation times.

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‘Think simple’ as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.

— Frank Lloyd Wright

True Constructible

True Constructible is an in-house approach we created to streamline the coordination of building and trades. This allows us to create buildable solutions while also being effective on-site.

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