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BIM Construction Services in BC

Our Building Information Management (BIM) construction services are part of our VDC division, which offers complete 3D virtual design of buildings and construction projects, along with workflow processes and team organization

Constructibility for BIM

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Designing with VDC and BIM enables our clients to see projects in 3D to predict and plan for a variety of scenarios. Working with other trades, consultants, architects and engineers online, we can virtually build an entire project in a centralized model to anticipate any construction complexities before they occur.

Our skilled team has experience in both the contractor and consultant side of the business, and they understand that a collaborative and solution-oriented mindset is critical to success.

What we do

Commercial BIM Capabilities

State of the Art Technology

Our team is trained in leading-edge software including M-Suite, Trimble, Revit, and Autodesk suite, plus 360-degree scanners using Matterport. Our technical proficiency enables us to provide solutions that are efficient, predictable and workable.

Subject Matter Engineers

Our modellers have experience of in field construction techniques, which means our BIM team is stacked with subject-matter experts experienced in-field and in-office to ensure all of our projects are built True Constructible.


Planning ensures our projects are constructible. The visual representation of our True Constructible thinking is at the heart of what we do and gives us the foresight to create predictable projects.

BIM Purpose

Where it makes economic and engineering sense in our projects, we model and prefabricate water rooms, ring mains and risers to ensure efficiency and practicality while staying on spec and on budget.

BIM Process

We conduct a holistic design process when building 3D models for mechanical systems by using BIM for coordination, class detection and constructibility.

Layout & Preplanning

Using practical in-field knowledge, we layout precise canning, sleeving and insert locations. We also conduct design reviews and assist in preplanning, procurement and constructibility

Alison Smith.
Bird Construction.

"True Mechanical offered in-depth investigation work to provide design feedback and recommendations to the mechanical consultant team. Additionally, True Mechanical demonstrated that they were ahead of the curve in the virtual design & construction (VDC) field.

The teams drive to embrace technology was a saving grace for this project as the original mechanical room design would not have worked as shown on the blueprints. Furthermore, the entire True Mechanical project team was solution-oriented, flexible with project curveballs and very hands-on to ensure quality of workmanship."

Brad Hedblom


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Our VDC and BIM team consists of highly trained and capable technical specialists who are passionate about seeing a project through from 3D to completion and anticipating problems before they happen. Reach out to see how you can work with us today.

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