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Prefabrication Services

Our prefabricated services division designs mechanical systems in 3D, fabricates and tests them in our 15,000 square-foot shop, and delivers and installs them on site. We build it right the first time.

Constructibility for Prefabrication

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We prefabricate a full range of pipe systems, ensuring we build things right in a controlled environment. Our end-to-end process ensures a high-quality product that fits accurately and saves on build time.

As part of our virtual design planning process, we know in advance what we need to prefabricate, when to build it and when to deliver it, ensuring the smoothest possible experience for our trade partners and clients.


What we do

Pre-Fab Capabilities

Multiple Systems

Bulk shower diverters, water entry systems, boiler and pump skids, gas and hydronic risers, water pre-packs and fixture mock-ups are just some of the pipe systems we can prefabricate.

Controlled Environment

Fabricating our systems in a controlled environment with computer technology means we can ensure predictability, quality, and consistency in our products.

Site Efficiencies

Prefabricated assemblies, prepackaged spools and instructional roadmaps eliminate material delays and shortages while preventing on-site building issues and reducing installation times.

Quality Assurance

We have a variety of checks in balances in place to ensure quality, including a two-check process where we test systems in isolation and in situ for leaks.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use MSuite software to create spools, which we tag and package to make it easier for on-site construction.

Reduced Waste

Cutting lengths are optimized using state-of-the-art technology to maximize materials used and reduce waste.

Rafal Choroba


Talk to our Pre-Fab team today.

Our prefabrication services team is made of highly skilled fabricators and welders who take great pride in the accuracy of their work. Driven by precision and an eye for detail, they get fired up by delivering a precise product that saves clients time on site.

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