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Design-Assist for buildable results each time.

In Design-Assist projects, True Mechanical is brought in to assist the owner’s preferred designer in creating a project that is practical.

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Using our True Constructible approach, deep market knowledge and expertise, we provide accurate, real-world intelligence to ensure the project is constructible and on budget. While we ultimately prefer the Design-Build method, where we act as both designer and contractor, Design-Assist is a step in the right direction and avoids unnecessary design rework.

Business Implications

Why Design Assist Works

Removes Risk

Upfront collaboration between the designer and contractors reduces risk. Bringing in a trusted contractor early in the design phase to create a buildable plan prevents unnecessary design rework and change orders.

Predictable Budget

Thanks to our real-world experience, trusted partnerships and market knowledge, we can inform a practical design and predictable budget with top-quality North American materials that are readily available.

Ensure Constructibility

We use our True Constructible approach to assist the designer in creating practical, buildable, quality and efficient systems with our real-world market knowledge and experienced team.

The Design Assist Process

Design-Assist is a stepping stone for clients with a preferred designer, but who recognize the need to involve experienced mechanical consultants early.

The owner hires us for our True Constructible approach, systems design experience and market knowledge to consult with the designer and provide unified project recommendations. This collaborative approach ensures the design will be buildable and on budget. True Constructible is our highly adaptive and agile process that brings creative solutions to new challenges, where we:

  1. Define the problem we’re trying to solve
  2. Explore new ways of framing the problem
  3. Synthesize the information we’ve gathered
  4. Ideate possible solutions
  5. Refine the right approach, and
  6. Execute the plan and get it done with the right people.

We suggest our trusted partners and best-in-class trades who are most suitable for the bid phase. In the traditional Design-Bid-Build process, the owner would have to:

  1. Put projects out to tender to individual contractors based on the documented scope of work provided to them by the designer.
  2. Go back and forth with the designer if bids come back over budget due to market issues.
  3. Potentially redesign the project if the bid process determines it’s not buildable

Since we have already provided design and materials input at the design phase, the bid process is relatively quick with no surprises, redesigns or rebids.

In Design-Assist, the building phase is expedited due to the upfront planning and collaboration that’s already been done. And as the primary contractor, our workforce is available, partners are prepared and schedules are reduced thanks to overlapped phases, ultimately improving construction and delivery speed while ensuring quality and a reliable budget, ultimately improving construction and delivery speed while ensuring quality. Owners come out of the process with:

  1. Faster timelines
  2. Consistent budgets
  3. Reduced risk
  4. Quality work and materials
  5. Efficient design
  6. A buildable project
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As the mechanical consultant brought in at the design stage, clients can be assured they'll have a buildable and efficient system constructed on time and on budget with quality materials.

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