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True Design Bid Build.

Every method has its place and application. In our experience, Design Bid Build should be reserved for small projects where constructibility can be done on the fly.

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It’s not our preferred method because of change orders, delays, inefficient use of labour, and limited predictability. However, when we’re brought into a Design Bid Build project, we bring predictability, speed, and experience to the job site with our True Constructible method and workforce.

Business Implications

Pros & Cons of Design-Bid-Build

Requires Agile Execution

When designs aren't done in collaboration with experienced contractors, they're not always practical. Our team is versed in reading the mechanical, architectural, and structural plans to determine whether the solution is buildable and act accordingly.

Clear Responsibilities

There's little confusion and finger-pointing about responsibilities because design and construction roles are clearly defined and we know where best to apply our knowledge.

Tried and True Process

This is a good process for smaller builds with fewer moving parts. Contractors are comfortable and familiar with the traditional Design-Bid-Build process, meaning they can jump in and get started right away.

The Design-Bid-Build Process

A classic process where designers manage the process and trust subcontractors like True Mechanical to deliver efficient, quality work.

An owner hires a designer to design the project and prepare the drawings and building specs. Ideally, we’re brought in at this time to include our True Constructible approach, ensuring the system is practical and that the best quality materials and equipment are brought in for the job. Our True Constructible approach is our highly adaptive and agile process that brings creative solutions to new challenges, where we:

  1. Define the problem we’re trying to solve
  2. Explore new ways of framing the problem
  3. Synthesize the information we’ve gathered
  4. Ideate possible solutions
  5. Refine the right approach, and
  6. Execute the plan and get it done with the right people.

The owner would have to:

  1. Put projects out to tender to individual contractors based on the documented scope of work provided to them by the designer.
  2. Go back and forth with the designer if bids come back over budget due to market issues.
  3. Potentially redesign the project if the bid process determines it’s not buildable

However, when True Mechanical is involved at this stage, we conduct a preliminary constructibility audit to ensure the proposed designs are buildable. If they’re not, we’ll offer a remediation plan to bring it into line. We can also put together a qualified list of best-in-class trades and suppliers suitable for the project.

Traditionally, nearly every component of the project is delivered by subcontractors, which can create a lot of pressure between teams. Also, redline or ‘as-built’ conditions often occur, placing owners at risk. When we’re brought in at this stage, before we embark on the build we’ll put the project through our True Constructible process to ensure it’s buildable. If it’s not, we can still execute if remediation is required. To avoid construction and material delays, labour shortages, remediation fixes, change orders and scope creep, it’s best if we’re brought in at the start of the Design stage.

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When we're brought in at the Design stage, clients can be assured they have a system that is buildable and efficient, built with quality materials by an experienced workforce.

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