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IPD speeds up construction.

Because all the vested parties sign a shared contract where everyone is accountable for the budget, teams are incentivized to look for economies and efficiencies and to work collaboratively. Typically this speeds up construction, reduces costs and complexity, and creates a more amicable working environment…which is also great for staff satisfaction and retention.

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Since this is the ultimate collaborative building approach, the IPD preconstruction phase can take longer as all parties must agree on design, fabrication and construction. Our True Constructible approach speeds up the preplanning and agreement process and creates more predictability.

Business Implications

Pros & Cons of IPD Construction

Long Pre-Construction Process

Group decisions can slow the process. Our True Constructable approach to planning can mitigate this risk by assisting the preplanning stage with our design expertise and market knowledge.

True Collaboration

When everyone is involved in design, fabrication and construction, project results are optimized. It's in everyone's best interest to deliver a constructable project on time and on budget, or else everyone risks losing profit.

Financial Alignment

While profits are at risk for all partners in the agreement, they will share savings if the project is delivered under budget. Our experience, knowledge and workforce help make economical builds possible.

The IPD Process

A collaborative process where all vested parties manage the entire project together and rely on True Mechanical to align the team at the preplanning stage.

At this time, IPD construction is typically used in government contracts. It’s an approach that encourages a collaborative culture where total cost matters over individual performance. At the contract stage, the project owner hires the entire team, including designers, engineers and contractors and a multi-party contract agreement is signed. Everyone shares equal responsibility, so if one party goes off schedule and loses money, they all lose money. Alternately, if the project is delivered ahead of schedule and under budget, everyone shares in cost savings.

Every team member must agree on shared goals before anything proceeds. This is where the process can become time-consuming and returns can diminish if this phase takes longer than expected. However, using our True Constructible approach, we can assist the team in approving a viable plan in an expedited fashion. True Constructable is our highly adaptive and agile process that brings creative solutions to new challenges, where we:

  1. Define the problem we’re trying to solve
  2. Explore new ways of framing the problem
  3. Synthesize the information we’ve gathered
  4. Ideate possible solutions
  5. Refine the right approach, and
  6. Execute the plan and get it done with the right people.

Since everyone is on the same page from beginning to end, alignment can help mitigate delays when it’s time for construction. A lean construction method is often used, which reduces material, crew and wait time between phases. Meanwhile, everyone remains in the loop even if they’re not involved in the day-to-day construction. The project owner will come away with a process that delivers:

  • True collaboration
  • Room for innovation to solve complex problems
  • Optimized project results
  • Reduced waste
  • Maximized efficiency at the construction stage
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Our senior estimating team consists of trained, certified, and dedicated specialists. As part of the entire design and planning process, they are adamant about clear communications with partners and trades to ensure problems are identified and solved collaboratively.

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